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Our second meeting of 2021! This worked so well and safe in January, that we will repeat the same precautions.
Face mask/covering will be mandatory. Please reconsider attending, if you feel you will not be able to comply with this request.
Finally some rain! Hopefully by this meeting, we will have some days warm enough for all beekeeper participants to have performed some inspections of their colonies. Spring will be starting with lots of preparatory tasks that need to be performed. Bring all your questions!
This is a socially distanced and masked outdoor meeting.
This meeting is open to ANYONE who wishes to attend and not limited to members from Central Phoenix.
We will review seasonal management for existing beekeepers including methods for swarm control, procedures for taking varroa counts and perform control methods. Evaluation of colony nutrition. Brood nests are beginning to expand and will require some management for accommodating this. For new beekeepers we will be discussing their bees that are arriving later in spring and how to setup their equipment to accommodate their bees.
If weather is unfavorable, Sunday February 21st will be our alternative date.

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